Oriental Massage with Argan oil
170 TND - 50 min

With slow, soft and enveloping gestures, this massage releases the body from tensions by working loosely muscles and skin. It feels wrapped, lulled, soothed by the movements of kneading, treading and smoothing. This...

Back regenerating
150 TND - 50 min

This treatment combines deep muscular technique (pressure, kneading) and Thai stretching (body relaxation and joint relaxation) for total relaxation. It really targets the tensions of the back and the legs and untangles them in depth.....

120 TND - 50 min

Full body Massage, its kneading relaxes the muscles and loosens the tensions. It relieves back pain, eliminates toxins, improves digestion, reduces constipation and activates blood circulation.

----- TND - 60 min

* * Exclusive HASDRUBAL Prestige Thalassa & Spa * * Only in HASDRUBAL Prestige Thalassa & Spa at the confluence of three cultures, thus three gestures, this massage frees the fatigue of the body and the spirit. For...

120 TND - 60 min

Massage from head to toe which allows to evacuate the toxins and to recharge the body in positive energy. The masseur presses the crossroads of lymphatic and venous circulation to balance the flow. Ideal...

Mandar "4 Hands"
180 TND - 50 min

"Exclusive Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa" The Mandar massage inspired by Shiatsu and foot reflexology, is exercised by two specialists involved in the forearms, thumbs, and palms of the hand.

130 TND - 60 min

This complete massage of the head (skull, face and neck) combines reflex techniques and follows the energetic principles of Chinese medicine. The massage ends with a global and stimulating modeling of the face, the...

Foot Reflexology
110 TND - 50 min

A millennial health Technique used by the Egyptians and the Chinese, foot reflexology releases the faculties of self-healing of the body. It reduces tensions, activates the blood and lymphatic circulations, regulates nerve impulses, mobilizes waste, promotes physiological equilibrium.

Arabian Nights
160 TND - 60 min

The massage is inspired by the massages that were lavished on the dancers in the Moorish Baths of Haroun Al-Rashid. After having applied on the bodies of muslins of rosemary, soaked in lukewarm olive oil scented with the orange blossom, the therapist...

150 TND - 60 min

Ancestral Technique of Japanese massage, shiatsu balances the vital energy "KL" of the body by means of pressure applied with the thumbs, hands, elbows, and forearms on the paths of the acupuncture meridians. This massage is a relaxation...

100 TND - 40 min

It allows to treat the painful points more in depth, to loosen the localized gtensions, to promote good oxygenation of the tissues as well as good blood oxygenation.

170 TND - 60 min

Native to India, this massage makes travel the senses and allows to re-balance our body and its functions. Especially suitable for those in a hurry, stressed.

Lymphatic Drainage
120 TND - 60 min

By slow and regular gestures, the therapist mobilizes the lymphatic tissues throughout the body. It reduces the accumulation of water at the legs, arms and face level. Activates the immune system.

90 TND - 40 min

Full body Massage allowing to give flexibility, elasticity to muscle, to decontracture the muscles, to release the different tensions and to promote thinning by circulatory and drainage actions.

Palpate-Roll with lemon
100 TND - 40 min

Manual Massage, anti-cellulite, deep that allows to activate the blood circulation, lymphatic and to decongest the tissues.

95 TND - 40 min

Le massage tonifiant est un massage énergétique et stimulant

Circulatory light legs
120 TND - 40 min

This massage allows to activate the blood circulation and the venous return. It relieves heavy legs and provides a lasting sense of well-being.